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ForU  International
GeneLink sold GeneWize : now named ForU International

owned by Capsalus & Wharton Equity

LifeMap Nutritional Supplement is now  : Core+ Nutritional Supplement

DNA ~ Personal Organic Nutrition

ForU  :  is a Green Living Specialized Health, Beauty & Wellness Company offering Ultra High Quality Natural Genetically Guided Products. A Nutrition Product is Individually Customized just for you through a patented, non-invasive, self-administered, DNA-Swap Testing Assessment .. The DNA-Assessment results are used to help guide the manufacture of each customers personal formular that is created from over 177,000 combinations of Organic Ingredients & supplements .. As a customer you receive a detailed DNA-Assessment Summary with complete Listing of Ingredients contained in your Personal Nutrition Formula that has been customized for you through your own Unique Genetic Code .. A 100% Nutritional Product Customized from Your Personal DNA Assessment .. A revolutionary new natural health and beauty products concept that will absolutely change the way people make personal product choices.

 ~ Welcome to the Future ~

GeneLink sold GeneWize : now named ForU International owned by Capsalus & Wharton Equity.
LifeMap Nutritional Supplement is now called Core+ Nutritional Supplement

GeneLink Inc. ( GNLKQ )  : a 12-year old publicly traded genetic biosciences company launched its new direct marketing division GeneWize Life Sciences in Aug of 2008. You now have the healthy opportunity to benefit from the Core+ DNA Customized Nutrition System through the Customer and Business Affiliated Programs

*Your Product is FREE with four enrolled referrals ordering the Core+™ Nutrition System each month, along with having the opportunity to earn personal income

with the Business Affiliated Program

Introducing the Core +™ Healthy DNA ~ Nutrition System

The Core+ Nutrition™ System is a technologically advanced, DNA-guided, customized nutritional system based on your own unique genetic code. The same company that developed the world's FIRST and ONLY DNA-Guided Skin Care System is now introducing a completely customized nutrition product that anyone can afford. This is an advanced genetic nutrition system

focusing on your personal supplement needs :

DNA Assessment -Test Sample

How does it work ? Three Simple Steps  :

 1. Assess, Don’t Guess  - GeneWize offers the only patented, FDA reviewed, non-invasive, self-administered DNA collection system available. The process is easy to understand, simple to do and takes just a few minutes. Simply swab the inside of your mouth (your inner cheek), and mail the swabs back to our laboratory in the special envelopes. Everything, along with easy-to-follow instructions, is included. Now you can find out for the very first time what's right for you ... Rest easy knowing you're nourishing your body with the ultimate personalized formula .

 2. Customize - Your product is created specifically for you. NO more one size fits all ! You will receive a comprehensive personal formula created just for you, utilizing over 177,000 possible ingredients combinations. Nothing but active product ingredients is stocked on our shelves. All of our formulas are made to order. Plus, you'll receive your own personalized GeneLink Healthy Aging Assessment™. Coming soon: Customized to your Lifestyle. Soon we'll offer you the opportunity to add additional nutritional supplement ingredients to your formula. Our patent pending Titration Matrix System allows us to custom create over 177,000 personalized formulas with your personal SNP Boosts™

 3. Share - Enroll four and pay no more! For as little as $3.00 per day you can nourish your body from the inside out and begin to absorb your money's worth for the first time. Learn more about our unique discount and referral program .

This allows you to receive your Core+ Nutrition™ System for "FREE"

Double  your  discount  with  every  referral
       Affiliate Program ..........

          1st Customer Enrolled :Receive a 10% personal product discount the following month.
          2nd Customer Enrolled : Receive a 25% personal product discount the following month.
          3rd Customer Enrolled : Receive a 50% personal product discount the following month.
          4thCustomer Enrolled : Receive your product FREE the following month.

With 4 enrolled customers ordering Core+ Systems each month, your product is free.

  LifeMap Nutritional Supplement is now called Core+ Nutritional Supplement 
Foru Core+Nutrition™ Custom Formulation ORAC Values

* The USDA recommends consuming a minimum of 3,000 to 5,000 Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity ORAC units per day. * Studies have shown that eating foods with a high ORAC score will raise the antioxidant levels in the blood by around 10 to 25%. * Experts ORAC figure suggested is around 5,000 units per day having significant effect on plasma & tissue antioxidant levels. * Eating eight to ten servings of brightly colored fruits and vegetables or dark greens will help achieve this level. * The average LifeMap Nutrition™ System custom formulation will contain approximately 5,200 to 9000 ORAC units per serving.

    Core+ Nutrition ™ System Benefits & Features

Features :
        * Custom Formulated Just for You
        * Rich In Whole Foods
        * Rich In Antioxidants & Phytonutrients
        * Organic Ingredients
        * 5000-9000 ORAC Unit
        * Includes AC-11, Scientifically Proven to repair DNA
    Environmentally Friendly :
        * Recycled Packaging
        * No Plastic Bottles or Boxes
        * Reusable Daily Pouches
        * Vegetable Based Capsules
        * No Animal products or Testing
    Benefits : Many Customers Report ....
        * Longer, Deeper Sleep
        * More Energy
        * Softer Skin
        * Stronger Hair & Nails
        * Increased Mental Clarity
        * Ability to Fall Asleep Faster

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