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' Ka Psalm '
om e quiet gentle loving fortune hunter
forth thou hath found thee precious gem
an salt n sea e carry thee to golden kingdom shores
for thou commune all precious shares
form e deep dark forest peasant retreat
forth home to thou magic mystic kingdom throne
be earth a journey of love peace and pleasure
enlighten thou world with wealth forever

' Passion '
Is not desire within the soul we probe
forth within darkness thou shall be light
e flickering sensual candle of kindled lust
ay times sincere gentle smooth sensations
knowing thee of exhilaration inspirations
forth doth one life exist within such desire
as thou are made of two
ee man ~ ou woman

Forth all the children of Newtown .. I pray to thee innocent spirits reborn

of greater destiny, who in learning our language and common ways,

departed unknown, to teach us thou ways of gracious beauty beholding thee. Thou God reigns tears of heaven on earth, forth all that is known is a whispering memoir, reborn of ocean waves washing golden sand ashore,

to cleanse the soul of eternity.

As our greatest moments of life, are thou shadows of the night,

beholding the sincere enlightenment of silent sensual sensations,

whispering gracious elegance reborn of thee.

Forth ee who doth stand strong without weapons of war,

a greater world thou behold of thee, to guide and protect our destiny.

As seeds of society there is humble despair, born of lost worlds,

forth thee of beautiful loving memoirs today, enlighten my way,

forever and ever I behold thee.


"Born of two, man woman, spiritual physical, elemental biological, self other,

me you, public privacy, secure insecure, inferior superior, passion compassion, conscious subconscious, known unknown, good bad, day night, love hate,

existence resistance, life death, thought or not, one again within the now then

when dark triad of family machiavellianism strategy of charming lusting

masculine psychopaths of sociopath hording gangs contending with vanity

indulgent feminine narcissism of solipsism envious parties, all striving

for the self control freedom of assorted worthy ideology opinions"

note : philosophical common observational denominators of gamma beta alpha

theta delta waves, socially addressing the insane brain of cultural behaviorism.

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