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' KA Psalm '
om e quiet gentle loving fortune hunter
forth thou hath found thee precious gem
an salt n sea e carry thee to golden kingdom shores
for thou commune all precious shares
form e deep dark forest peasant retreat
forth home to thou magic mystic kingdom throne
be earth a journey of love peace and pleasure
enlighten thou world with wealth forever

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New SEC Regulations for Public Traded Companies Proposal

 (1)  Public National Online Register of every Public Companies

*  Online ... Daily updated ... Public available 24 hours a day.

*  Listed by Trade Symbol, Cusip Number & Tax ID.     
*  Listed Current & Past States of Incorporation.          
*  All States immediate report any new Amendments.
*  Listed all Public Filings & News updates of record.  
*  Listed Board of Directors, Salaries and Insider Ownership.    
*  All Public Companies immediate report Share Structure changes.
*  Listed Authorized, Outstanding, Restricted, Preferred, Warrant Shares.
*  Listed active funding and Convertible Debenture Agreements.
*  Listed all Gov Agency inquiries or action on date of issue.
*  Listed DTCC Daily update of all short positions designating MM.

*  DTCC Daily updates Public Companies Share Structure.

 (2)  Any Stock Owned can be Designated No-Short

*  No MM can Short a No-Short designated stock or account.
 (3)  One Day DTCC Settlement of Trades

*  Modern Online interstructure can support one day settlement.

 (4)  Regulated Salary for all Public Traded Company Directors

*  Included is incentive and salaries of directors & employees.

 **  Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation

 SEC Chief Council  (202) 551-3500   /   Legal  (202) 551-4500    /   Business  (202) 551-3450



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