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The Legend of White Buffalo
The fable of White Buffalo, as told by the Great Spirit of all time.

Ghost Spirit & Dream Weaver

The Great Spirit has come to me to speak of men and woman of my time, forth within this modern world of deceptions and many desires it is known true love reigns supreme. Many devout decide in the beginning what path they shall take together, as others decide along the way when opportunity becomes available. I know as spiritual memories that many lusting men and woman of admiration in our time have decided along the way and they did not work or war together with the one they knew of loves common ways. Our time together is the great spirit of life and to know your playful working companion as loves peaceful harmony and not one of deceiving demise behavior, is to put this soul within a party of wealthy healthy opportunity and quietly observe the spiritual behavior of all the intimate dream plans that you both have inspired of each other, playfully working together as one soul.

Indian legend speaks of this in the ancient days of man and woman as Ghost Spirit and Dream Weaver of the North American Clovis Mound Nation Culture. They rode together into battle on the White Buffalo, as they worked together building their kingdom on earth and fought together against the mighty fallen nation of blood thirsty hunter gathers in the valley of death. The valley of death is an ancient lake of paradise that is no more, when natures river flow changed its course, This lake was once the paradise of the valley tribe who migrated east when nature changed its ways and the lake was no more. The valley tribe where ancestors

of the star tribe and ancient cave tribe.

White Buffalo

As the story goes, a gathering nation of hunters had been at war and the nation was destroyed. The ones who survived the war grouped together in many numbers, desiring to slay and steal the wealth, woman and children of the valley agricultural tribe, by forcing their dominant ways upon them. The great North American Indian nation of six hundred peaceful settled agricultural valley mound natives defeated twenty thousand roaming blood thirsty hunter warriors in the great valley of death. The buffalo, wolverine, wolf, sloth, bobcat lynx, jaguar, puma cougar, falcon, hawk, eagle and owl fought with the valley tribe along with all the tribes woman and children, as many elder and young gathered rocks for slings and

made clovis points for clubs, arrows and spears.

Many moons before the battle, White Owl and Deer Fawn of the valley tribe rode White Buffalo to counsel with the mighty ancestral buffalo herds. It was noted the buffalo did not want a battle, forth they had known the ancient times of many great wars between the species and this was a time of great peace for them. In the mist of an early morning sun, they departed the buffalo tribe feeling abandoned and all alone, as they prayed for wisdom to resolve this situation peacefully. Forth the valley tribe knew of their blood thirsty warrior enemies strength and great numbers, in knowing there was not many sunrises left before darkness despair

fell upon their time on earth.

They say this was the days of the great moon guiding them through the darkness of the night and upon the day of the battle, all valley warriors prepared to die mounted on the hills above the valley of death. As a mighty sun rose for the great battle, a heavenly thunder lightening exploded a spiritual air of frightening death, as the earth shook with the immortal chaos spirit of fear and all that was heard where mighty earthquake thunder hoofs stomping the earth, as thousand's of massive buffalo herds where in all directions storming into battle. The mighty hawks, falcons, eagles and owls flew above them, as the wild roar of wolverines could be heard through out the mountain forests, with vultures in every tree the sky was darken by the wings of death and fear. This is what is known of this time of mankind and animal in battle together against the forces of evil darkness seeking to control the way of others. As it is known, it was a battle of the

great law of nature being "Self Control Freedom".

Dream Weaver & White Buffalo

Deer Fawn, born as Little Fawn was a squaw squash of the fertile valley plains settlements, a peaceful agricultural tribe of plant food production. In modern times they would be known as vegan anunnaki of the star tribe. The fallen nation of hunter gathers came like roaming blood thirsty war wolves to conquer the valley tribes wealthy healthy kingdom. It is known that the fleeing defeated migrant warrior survivors of the great battle fled into the rocky mountains where the grizzly, wild wolf, cougar and wolverine awaited to devour them. As vultures flocked

and flew in great numbers in the mountain forests, till the earth was cleansed.

Thirty of the valley tribe where known to depart to the great spirit that day of the great battle between darkness and light, as fifteen thousand of the migrant blood thirsty hunters lay dead in the valley of death. As legend has it before the time of the great battle : A wounded buffalo came into the valley camp with many arrows and spears in its soul, telling of warrior hunters coming from the setting sun and

to be prepared for war as they are of the ancient evil ways.

Moons latter of the time of the wounded buffalo, a beautiful young squaw squash named Dancing Sunshine was about to be wed to Moon Rabbit, who was known as the fastest on foot, of all tribes. She was bathing in the sacred ancestral waterfall pool, when a band of these warrior scout hunters stole her from the valley tribe with great fear. Dancing Sunshine's younger brother Flying Eagle born as Baby Bird and latter known as Tomahawk escaped death as he was thrown from the rock cliff while fighting for his sisters release. Moon Rabbit now knowing of this, followed the vicious kidnappers trail many miles to the mountain of the setting sun. He preyed upon them with vengeance, learning all about their abundance and evil warrior ways. Legend of the time tells of a revenging haunting almighty ghost of the mountain forests that was protecting earths virginity of moral love and could not be killed, as all warriors hunting to destroy him found death with great terror fear. Moon Rabbit then returned to his valley tribe, bitter and sad without his woman, he became a great mighty warrior in defeating
those that stole all he loved of earth from him.

The time of this was after the great ice bridge and before the almighty floods birth of the great lakes. After the battle between the evil forces of darkness and light, many tribal nations became of the valley star tribe, forth in our time they are known as Hiawatha, Minnehaha, Pocahontas, Sacagawea, Squanto, Massasoit, Sitting Bull, Crazy Horse, Red Cloud, Cornstalk, Tecumsheh, Geronimo, Cochise, Chief Joseph.

Chief White Owl

As legend has it there where many sunrise generations of peace after the great battle and the elder Chief White Owl now known as Ghost Spirit rode White Buffalo into the eastern mountains, as the sun set. Ghost Spirit was guided by a light within darkness on the spiritual path of his woman Dream Weaver, who had departed becoming the spirit of fire. Many believe she took too much love of the deer fawn memories of her childhood, rather than the squaw squash of her ancestral tribe.

Her enlightened spiritual air of loving memories drifted as the clouds of heaven to the eastern path of the deep dark enchanting mystical forest waterfall where White Owl and Little Fawn had meet as young children of a tribal family gathering. Many of the legend known of this time believe Little Fawn, also known as Deer Fawn, Crazy Fawn and Dream Weaver had never recovered from the great battle in the valley of death. She blamed herself for the thirty that passed to the Great Spirit. One the eldest grandmothers of the tribe was found the following morning of the battle with a thousand enemy dead around her. Some of her young grandchildren who gathered the sling shot stones of war where found dead around her in the midst of a high ridge embattlement where the enemy tried to escape and not one of the enemy escaped to the east over her powerful ridge protected area. Among all the dead was one of her great great grandchildren who survived, yet wounded among his slain childhood brothers and sisters. He lived a very long life and became

the great chief father spirit of the Iroquois nation.

Crazy Fawn never forgave herself for the thirty departed of the battle, as some where children and elders. This was a time when the wolverine would wait for the elder buffalo to depart to the great spirit within their own peaceful nature of life. The wolverine bid them farewell as friends of this time, by devouring their memory. Strange as it seems there where stories of southern jungle cannibal tribes, who would consume their dearly departed ancestors who had fallen by nature. They would consume them rather than nature consume their spiritual memories. As Dream Weaver's love of the deer tribe of her childhood, she took to consuming her fallen friends soul, to bring the memory to life again. Many shaman believe this became her physical demise, as she united with love within the great spirit of life.

Ghost Spirit

The time of White Owl Ghost Spirit riding White Buffalo on the spiritual path of Deer Fawn Dream Weaver's memories is known as the Great Hopi Pahana Stone. Ghost Spirit shall return again someday with the almighty peaceful spiritual unity of all earth tribal nations. Like their ancient ancestors of many generations before this time, the star tribe departed into the heavens and told those that stayed on earth of a great heavenly war between species, within our known universe. The star tribe had to go to battle protecting the children of earth and someday they would return to their paradise on earth. The star tribes departure was before nature changed the path of the great river flowing into the lake

of the valley tribes paradise on earth.

Let it be known as the legend of Ghost Spirit and Dream Weaver that they carried on and fulfilled the mythological tale of the heavenly star tribe and that man and woman, as Ghost Spirit born as White Owl and Dream Weaver born as Little Fawn carried out the wishes of their ancestors and did as they stated : "Build your kingdom together as one soul being man and woman and do not conquer other kingdoms as your own home is your spiritual soul"

Crazy Fawn

I am writing of the truth I know of this time, as many of our time I feel have lost their way on the path of the Great Spirit of our ancestors, as it is known

from the mythological fables of the old wise ones :

'That many moons before the great battle, Chief White Owl and his warriors told all the squaw squash woman and children to go to the great cave to the east, which many of our time believe to be Organ or Mammoth cave of their tribal ancestors. Little Fawn who was the devout wife of White Owl, was now known as Deer Fawn. She spoke for all the woman and children of the tribe and told of the ancient legend of the star people who build their kingdom of earth together and a great war broke out in the heavens between different species. At this time, their star tribe ancestors left them on earth to be safe and they would return someday as they departed to protect earth from evil invaders. Deer Fawn spoke as a great working warrior, as they all build their kingdom together and they should

and will war together to defend it as she firmly stated :

" Their there is no life or love without those made of two together "

All the tribe stood strong with her and joined in with Deer Fawn, as White Owl called her at this time Crazy Fawn, for her ways of all the tribe going to death together. This was of the time when the valley nation chose the battle field, being the ancient great lake of their ancestral paradise that was no more when the great river changed its path and they of the ancient star tribe knew all had to pass through this now hollow valley to conquer their kingdom.

This battle field was chosen after scouts could not bargain peace for the release of Dancing Sunshine and many barbaric hunter warriors had gathered near the foothills of the now known rocky mountains. On the day of the almighty sun, White Owl and Crazy Fawn rode into the valley of death together on the White Buffalo. In the morning of an enlightening blinding rising sun they rode forth together and defeated all that was known of their enemies of freedom, within the darkness

of the sun setting over the mighty mountains.

The Great Spirit of Life

Deer Fawn was the devout woman of White Owl and the mother of Bambi, who became the mother of many tribal nations. Deer Fawn or Crazy Fawn was known after this time of the great battle as Dream Weaver. As White Owl was known as Ghost Spirit, whom with Dream Weaver his woman in the darkness of night would depart to the spiritual world and visit all departed loved ones

within the "Great Spirit of Life'".

This is the truth from what is known of the visions of the elders of the ancient days of the native America star tribes .. Many younger ones have asked me what became of Dancing Sunshine and is this the same of the legend of the Ghost Dance .. 'Yes' it is party of the Ghost Dance Spirit .. Dancing Sunshine was know to survive the great battle of darkness and light, yet she was beaten and raped of her spiritual virgin love that became mother earth reborn of time .. She was found at headquarter camp of the blood thirsty invaders and was surrounded and protected by wild wolverines who invaded the camp with a small band of the valley tribe lead by her younger brother Tomahawk with puma cougars .. Dancing Sunshine was reborn anu with the love of her devout soul mate Moon Ghost Rabbit, who defeated all enemies of the light of anu day. They are known in native legends never to have departed and roam the earth among us as mother and father earth, whom are always devoutly together as one soul made of two. The children known today, that became of the very beautiful Dancing Sunshine & almighty Moon Ghost where

Squonto, Sacagawea, Cochise and Chief Joseph.

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