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“The time has come when you need to realize the need to take the first step along the path leading to the True Perfection of humankind. This time is a great time indeed. For it will lead you either to an unprecedented upsurge or to an unprecedented downfall. The Last Testament is given to you at a critical moment in your development. It is given in order to accomplish the Great and Holy Unification of all existing religions. The Last Testament has been given to bring about the salvation of those children who are able to pass through the Gates of the Kingdom of God. These are people striving to join together so that in one impulse they can infinitely give the warmth of their soul to the surrounding world, and can feel the pain of Mother Earth.

Once you were told that the Kingdom of Heaven is like baking yeast, which the woman put in three measures of dough until it leavened. This is the mystery of the three Testaments, which are meant to lead the children of God to the Kingdom of Heaven :

the Old Testament, the New Testament and the Last Testament.

They reveal the secrets of Hope, Faith and Love respectively.”


The centre of Siberia. The south of Krasnoyarsk region. Wonderful places where the Eastern Sayans blend with the taiga. The Land of Siberia hidden, mysterious, unknown, it seems like it has been protected by some special force of destiny. Ancient legend says that here, long ago, the first people lived, who called themselves Aries. In the course of time they spread out all over the Earth to give birth of the Human race. But at the end of time they are predestined by the Great God to come back here to complete the plan of the Most High. The Lake of Tiberkul (in the local dialect “Devine Lake”) is the pearl of this place. People tell that its waters sometimes become white coloured. It is supposed that just here, in the region of Lake Tiberkul and the mountain Suchaya (in the local dialect “Suchaya” – “Holly Mountain”), the Heart of the Earth is located. As a proof of this, on the tip of the peak of the mountain Suchaya, an astonishing stone shaped like an opened human heart was discovered. This stone is called the “Heart-Stone”. Many adepts have searched for the magic stone “Heart” – could it be that it points out the place predestined to mark the joining of all paths in the search of the Human Spirit?.. And on the peak of the “Holly Mountain” another even more astonishing stone in the shape of sleeping bear was found. The legends handed down to us tell about the bear-guardian of the Mountain. For very long time, this place has been considered holy and the tradition of our ancestors forbode the hunting here.

Thousands of years have passed. Now, in the Land of Siberia (South of Krasnoyarsk Region), an astonishing new world has been prepared by God. A wonderful happy life is being born on the laws of Harmony, Love, Goodness. It is amazing and precious that people, gathered from almost all the world, are learning to understand each other, to devote themselves to the others in a spirit of peace and joy. The Teacher of this new life of Spiritual Growth and Blossoming is Vissarion – the living Word of God. His Essence – to give life - reveals not only in the scriptures of the “ Last Testament ”, creating revolution in the thinking, relationships and the everyday life of people. It is also aimed to demonstrate in practice the boundless potential for spiritual development to those having taken His Word in their hearts. On 18th August 1991 the Word of Vissarion sounded publicly – The Pre-announcement, spread to many Russian towns and abroad.

For more than ten years every stroke of “Last Testament” has been carefully studied and compared in details with many other scriptures. The doctrine of Vissarion is gaining more and more acceptance in the world of science and is seen as complete, logical and morally pure concept. This doctrine is precious, for it makes sense of all human spiritual achievements and helps to disentangle the confusion of our understanding of God and human beings, of the Creator of Universe (the Absolute, the Single) and our Heavenly Father - the source of Love and Creator of human souls. According to the Doctrine, the essence of human beings is in their spiritual development, the exercise of love, humanity and joy of life. In contrast to the material world, the spiritual tissue is immortal; it is going to live on the Earth and in the Universe eternally… warming them with the warmth of the human souls, enriching them by the amazing laws of Love.

The life path of Vissarion, at first sight, resembles the path of a common person. He was born in the suburbs of Krasnodar on 14 January 1961 in the family of builders. At the age of 7, together with his parents, he moved to Siberia. Moving from town to town the family stopped in Minusinsk, where Vissarion graduated. After that He did compulsory military service in the building corps and occupied different professional positions. He entered different circles of the human society so that He could bring his Word closely to everyone after that. That let Him become acquainted with the inner world of human beings and the different aspects of their lifes. He had to get to know what earthly love, family, giving birth to children and their education is. The highest stage of His earthly activity was art. Having never studied painting, Vissarion created a series of canvases called “Human Virtues and Vices”.In May 1990 the ‘veil’ which had been temporarily hiding His the connection with the Highest, was lifted from Vissarion's eyes. Finally He realized who he actually is… The first contacts of theTeacher began in March 1991. Since that moment the Word has been walking on the Earth…Vissarion has become for his followers the Teacher of Love. By devoting himself to the others, He tells them and shows in practice that human beinga are created to bring out into the world the love, goodness, charity and compassion. “From now on you must become incapable of bringing coldness. You have no right to even think badly of someone – no matter when, under what conditions, or under what banner”. These are the essential words of the Vissarion’s Doctrine. They firstly touched the hearts of a few people, then hundreds and thousands of people became followers.

Many began gathering in Siberia.

The first followers of the Vissarion’s Doctrine appeared in Minusinsk in 1992 and since 1993 the Community has been growing. From that moment this place was given the name “Promised Land”. It was chosen for the arduous building of the Future. The major reason for the people to come here is the aspiration to build the model of future society, i.e. a life together where the words do not differ from activities, where the spiritual and moral ideals and principles laid in human being by God and educated in the school, the books and the high culture are embodied. The building of a United human Family is the prime aim of the Community. An important principle of the Family is: there cannot be people without food and education. But the foremost is – the new relationships can be build on the basis of working together, of love and understanding for each other, free from greed, fear, envy and self-interest. Building new life with new relationships, the followers of Vissarion strive above all to change themselves, to become purer and better. It is just what Vissarion teaches, saying: “To build something, to build houses - even more to think about building temples - first try to build the relationships between each other. If you manage that, then the temples will be built on this land. If you do not manage – let’s go away”.    

In the second half of 1994 an initiative group of Vissarion’s followers suggested establishing econosphere settlement near Lake of Tiberkul . The aim of the new settlers is to learn to live on the Earth without harming it, without destroying the ecological balance. That means to replace the consumer attitude to the Nature with tender cooperation. In 1997 the econosphere settlement “Tiberkul” became a member of the international Social-Ecological Association. The settlement is located on 250 hectares and has three stages: Abode of Dawn (the City) – Heavenly Abode – Temple Peak. 23rd July 1995 the future City was consecrated by Vissarion.
It was named different ways: Sun City, City of Masters, the New Jerusalem.
In August 1998 the settlement on the Mountain took its official name “Abode of Dawn”

From the city centre, 14 streets radiate out like rays, every one of which has a whimsical name: "Milky Way", "Sunny Winds", "Emerald Dew", "Crystal Gate", "Shimmering Secrets", "Children's Fantasy", "Naughty Rain", etc. Around city centre, in circles, there will be built schools, workshops of folk handicrafts, and then the living area with the vegetable and flower gardens as well as the children's playgrounds. The "Heavenly Abode" is spread out above the City. The house of Teacher is there and the houses of five of his disciples there. The beginning of 1998 is marked with a great Event: on the Temple Peak the Temple "Altar of Earth" was erected – a symbol of the great Time, the Time when the future human race is coming to existence. Inside the Temple, on a marble "pedestal", a bronze sculpture ("Symbol of Love") has been erected, representing five angels reaching for the Bethlehem Star on high. The fundament of the "Alter of Earth" is the stone "Bear", found in July 1996 just under the surface of the ground, right in the centre of the temple site. In January 1998 in the City Centre

the "Symbol of Faith" was established.

Children and youth are the main resource of the future society. The unique think about the education of the children in the community schools is that starting from 12 years old, along with general education, including art (music, painting, speaking, moving and sculpturing), also folk handicrafts are taught. “The schools will be formed on the basis of workshops. The lessons at the beginning will be the general education and certainly the fundaments of art…”The school programme is designed in such a way that all the negative information and images, anything dealing with destruction, are eliminated as much as possible from the lessons

During the children education, there is a harmonious blending of the general classes with the practical lessons on arts and crafts. It is intended that the boys should grow to become masters but not warriors and the girls should be good, smart housekeepers. The pedagogues and educators in the community schools strive to suppress the spirit of competition between children. The major point is that the children grow without aggression, fear, hatred and deception. Every fourth child is examined in a general school. At graduation, taking their diploma, the children choose their way in life on their own, i.e. they have a complete freedom of choice where to go on. In the villages of the Community there are regular youth camp-meetings on different themes and every month there are seminars on education. At the meetings, the children get to know each other, share their creativity and most importantly – learn to live like one family. “The palm with the five fingers is a great symbol of the essence of your life. This indicates your labour.

Your happiness is in your ability to give, to give boundlessly… The one who gives – he will acquire without measure. Get to know this great Happiness” - “The real mouth is in your palms. Let your palms speak; let your hands tell the words of Love. This is the moment when the space of the Universe will be filled by a fascinating music”

More and more people of the Community are learning folk handicrafts. . Computer specialist learn basket-making, for example, professional driver become potter, metallurgist become smith. Products of birch bark, beautiful wood carving and painting, made by the new masters decorate the houses and the everyday life of the people. Beautiful products of clay, willow wands and straw catch the eye of people in the showroom in Krasnoyarsk; and the masters bring home a plenty of orders for their products, enriched with the warmth and light of their souls.

A Master Association, which joins all the masters, has been established in the Community. Of course as long as the Community exists in the ‘world’, it uses money. But being aware of the present state of the civilization, the Community strives to become independent of the outside energy, financial and economical market. From this point of view, the main point of the masters is to acquire as many handicrafts as possible , using their creativity to provide everything for normal life for themselves and each other.

Mountain City, this is a symbol, the symbol of the Future, a symbol of the formation of a new civilization. This Holy Place is being built for the world, for all of mankind. Taiga… Swamps… Places untouched by human hands… Work from morning to night… One after another… There is work on the field… The soil is over rocks… Work with heavy hoes… Every piece of ground is freed from rhizomes, processed with love and fertilized with the silt from the swamps... “Life in the Abode of Dawn is one of labour devoted every day to the spiritual revival, which is undoubtedly occurring here. Essentially, the life here could be called an everyday act of heroism. Now I am quite sure that this is the place where a new society is growing, where there will not be wars, violence, deceit, hatred, envy and other vices. To put it briefly, what has been considered Utopia for a long time now is coming true in the community of Vissarion”
"The time has come. A special time. A historical, global event is beginning, the process of the greatest change of the human essence, the victory of man over his second ‘I’, under whose slavery he has been living for thousands of years. The time is coming when all the world will be interested in what is going on here. It is impossible not to notice what you are doing here. You will quickly demonstrate that there can be a new humankind with a different kind of life system"

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