' Mick  Moogie  Quotes '

" A wise man thinks - A wise guy thinks about it "
" The common medium is the comedian "
" A practical joke is a common advantage "
" A joke that cures all is a miracle of humors "
" Time release humor is liable
to get you anytime anywhere "
" I was up for ten days strait laughing
at your jokes and you think its funny "
" We know the four humors like the four elements
as the cold and dry autumn black earth bile bones
with warm and moist spring air red blood cell muscles
of a cold and moist winter water phlegm white cell brain
along with a warm and dry summer light yellow bile serum
in relation to a healthy wealthy balanced physical personality "
" The Ayurveda three humors of pitta, vatta, kapha solar

timing rainbow chakra diet of  the cold, heavy, dry, hot, oily,

light six qualities of food with six taste buds of  bitter, salty, sour,

sweet, astringent, pungent of the seven chakra colors of red root,

orange navel, yellow solar plexus, green heart, blue throat,

purple eye, white crown of the Hindu five elements of air, water,

earth, light, sky in relation to the cold, dry, hot, wet Hippocratic

four humors of black earth bile, blue water phlegm,

air red blood, light yellow bile "
 " Good morning to the west in thanking the east
for the good night enlightenment of a new day born
within the shadow of darkness "
" Photons and neurons which came first the impulsive nerve
or jugular vein feeding the heart to feed on the respiratory
oxygen rich iron protein arteries feeding the body and brain "
" A wise one grasps ee brain with all ee nerves,
till ee hears waves of ecstasy whisper out ee ears,
 to grasp ee body with all ee nerves,
to release ee muscles circulation flow,
 of wealthy healthy wisdom "
" If thou where a biological molecular mimic
and could be anyone in the world
who would thou be other than  thou self
or would thou take a different pathogen
to the evolutionary success of thou time "
" All existence is intellectual and therefore
all that it needs is a peaceful common grounds of
communication and negotiation to survive and thrive "
" Moving things around creates greenhouse gas
for existence thriving on exchanging air and elements
yet a rock that does not move around is more enduring
therefore the less moving around the less greenhouse gas
for a stoned rock n roll society "
" Longevity as we know is the self control
balance of now then and when attainment
within a beings finite boundaries of  other than "
" Its difficult in a modern survival business environment
to attain sincere emotional feelings for others in need,
but once you begin it gets easier, the more you involve
with the caring loving souls all ready doing this "
" No desire is greater than now "
" No thought is good thought "
" To Forgive is to Forget "
" Any time is Good time "
" Born of two one again "
" The greatest moments of your life are
the shadow of night beholding enlightenment "
" Shadow of night, darker than bright,
ee light of love guides and protects,
the unknown dreams of tomorrow "
" Thou are the wisdom of light smarter than bright "
" Kama tandem tantra prana tantrum of love "
" Mantra knowledge tantra philosophy prana yantra destiny "
" Sensual celibate kama tantra prana tantrum of love "
" We all fondle and ponder wonderful moments of life
yet very few of us realize what we are born for "
" Linger of what you had or what you want is not you
it is lingering admiration of other within that you are without "
" Eros passions an erotic venus forth love
agape is a virtue fondling human kindness
with compassionate unselfish amae enlightening
loyal benevolent ren concern for the good of others
awakening amor eshgh kama of the sensual senses "
" Ee are one seed made of two
and the more self knows other
the more you will know of another
making one lost lonely soul grow forth
the inspiration and exhilaration of thee
is the sensual freedom to be he or she "
" One that walks alone has found a path to walk "
" The safest way is the way of happiness and joy "
" The go with the flow logic is to stay in your comfort zone
and if you cannot do it easy, then do not do it at all "
" The ignorant un-experienced are more manipulated by rumor
propaganda gossip and wealthy idols seeking their fortunes "
" I wander if I am an oddity among commodity "
" I hope I didn't use too many words on you "
" I was here therefore I was "
" Sincere Silence Sensual Sensation "
" Whispering spirit of gracious elegance
fondling the sensuality of ones mind "
" The more popular you are,
the more privacy you need,
therefore the more privacy you have,
the more popular you are "
" Social prominence is a preoccupation of personal attainment "
" The greatest idol has not said or done anything wrong
forth ee has not done anything at all except be there for you "
" Most beings want to be famous before being famous
therefore all will except them, yet they may already be excepted
and just don't know it yet, unless ee become famous
at being acceptable or unacceptable "
 " Excepting rejection is a great strength of a beings self control
within the personal glorification of the oneness of ee being "
" A good conversationalist
will tell you everything you want to hear "
" Write it down before you remember it
therefore you can remember it again "
" An opinion is successful yet all other desire success "
" Say what when now and then "
" Ay' what you say Mick Moogie "
" You are not getting older
you are getting more experienced at it "
" Ee that inspire of lumber and brick inspire a home
and ee that inspire universal knowledge
have expanded into the universe "
‎" Forth many woman have come to me as one
has spoken she bore 300 children from 200 men
and has not found a father among them
forth none of the children will worship her "
" Whoa wooing women or woman wooing whoa "
" Hath man or woman shame thee
forth child beithe of humble fame "
" She loves the oneness of loving you
as he loves loving only you "
" Love is an art for an artist "
" Love is an exhilaration of the spirit "
" Sex is an exhilaration of the sensual senses "
" Musical essence aroma tone is the quickest route
to overwhelm the soul of a woman's mind "
" Love is father and mother being part of another "
" Father nature cares for you and mother nature cares "
" A man without a woman is like a boy without a baby "
" Are his seeds possessed by you
or are you possessed by a baby "
" One father leads to another with a mother "
" Renouned Mick Moogie is working on a theory
man is logical and woman is bi bias biological "
" The resolution of a solution is the reaction of a theory "
"The difference between the male and female brain is the owner"
" If  the brain is where the heart is,
and the heart is where the brain is,
we would have a pumped up head thinking about breasts
instead of pumped up breasts thinking about head "
" Mind and heart one of moonlight Niagra falls
righteous pleasure conscious flow to the toes
left to feed forth for what is know unknown
as muscular pleasure to the flow we grow "
" Unconditional Love is like money spent
and without expectation of anything in return
it has need of a better investment in order to survive "
" The motivation of your desire
can become the bait of your demise "
" Your desire maybe the bait of your demise "
" I have not meet a common type woman worthy of marriage,
forth she has been too busy with her ambitions of popularity "
" I tried to explain to my Hollywood girlfriend that
I was her best friend and everyone else is an actor "
" Like a squirrel and a tree she married he to forage nuts "
" Vena Amoris Namaste "
" What a woman calls jealousy in social conflict
a man calls security of their plans together
as opportunity becomes available to the woman "
" The jealous are victims of a greater desire "
" Who is to blame for jealousy
when one does not care for the other "
" A couple that works and plays together stays together "
" A woman will get you to know,
your feet will get you where you want to go "
" What starts out as a pillow fight ends up in bed eventually "
" A happy healthy home is a peaceful healthy environment "
" Like a really good man, he eats,
he sleeps and watches tv real good "
" Thanks for making the picture bigger,
I felt small about myself "
" Am I getting bigger, or is,
the print on my contract getting smaller "
" A jungle is as healthy as you are and
you are as healthy as the jungle is "
" A bird in the forest is worth ten in the jungle if it lives there "
" You are what you eat provided its not eating you "
" We feed on earth as we breathe on earth "
" Some wonder of the oxygen carbon dioxide exchange
alleging plants maybe mixing pollen in for a fair exchange "
" All our senses are one in feeding each other "
" A China man who eats monkey
suffers from the yin and the yang "
" An Australian who eats kangaroo
suffers from the boom and the rang "
" An Indian who eats buffalo
suffers from the pow and the wow "
" Makes you wander if deer fear and care "
" He was such a good soldier he
went to war with his own health "
" What is the biofeedback of your meal "
"The Anthropogeny Genetics of Hominid Evolution tell us
Gc is animal and Ac is a human glycan sialic acid sugar
protecting your every cell, your lifestyle is the Sialic cell key
weather it be a molecular mimic or thee to be healthy and free"
" Forth ee that eat of the birch bark tree
thou bones shall haunt thee with pleasure "
" An animal transformationalist personality is
within the self control of a beings personal consumption
of weather the attainment be ee or thee "
 " How big of a grain brain would one get on phytase
with all that no waste bowel digestion "
" Sun earth vegan Pleiades aqua Sirian oxygen for cyanosis "
‎" Pleiades cyanobacteria algae of
a Sirian oxygen rich vegan earth "
" Our senses know four elements of life as
earth light air water and is that all
they know of a spiritual sky "
" Are you healthy for me or wealthy for yourself  "
" All love you or love you not if not you loving them too "
" Your senses perceive all other as you perceive yourself  "
" We see we glow - We feel we touch
We hear we speak - We taste we waste
We smell we aroma "
" Our sixth sense is the collective sense of the psyche "
" Her taste in men was a sweet salty sour bitter than umami "
" Karma is the key to conscious composure "
" Don't believe everything you hear about anyone else
unless you hear it about yourself  "
" The first question of friendship is safety
and are you safe to play with "
" The difference between us
is the way we interact with each other "
" I thought about myself thinking about everyone else "
" As the great law of nature Self Control
it is a fool who gambles away in game or investment
all that has been acquired in peaceful business negotiation "
" When a capitalist philanthropist begins funding
its own countries social security and welfare programs and not
eugenics and charm money economic control of other countries
then I will believe their intentions are in reference to the
love of humanity and not the confidence ponzi scheme of
a cheap tax exempt investment for future capital gains "
" Trust your government before the wealthy
to secure your personal tribal needs as
most wealthy would like to own that too "
‎" When your faucet water turns to rust and
your utility costs are beyond your income
its time for new government leadership
or a relocation to a healthier country "
" One has to wonder in modern times
if the social parties of politics engaged
is more prone to peace or war within
its unity of attaining wealth and power
compared to the common labor class
associations of supply and demand for
personal home freedom and privacy "
" A modern politician without money
is like an ant without a colony "
" An idol without a stage is like a slave without a master "
" In colder times I mentioned to Hong
I could get him in the union
and he said the soviet union "
" Many went thru the dark ages of Hollywood
on the black list until America cleaned up its act "
" When wealth is valued by how much one owes
the economy has grown far beyond its owners "
" Poverty is the route of all the poor "
" A poor man excepts donuts for donations "
" Money is the root of loving business "
" Greed is all yours therefore
don't expect to enjoy it with anyone else "
" For those that give - give to others "
" A good being enjoys its wealth
A bad being enjoys others wealth
To a point they want wealth them self
Or work with the wealthy for their wealth "
" If wealth is your only desire
than you already own that
as barter of your personality "
" In calculating a wealthy personality
the only difference between the rich and poor
is the maintenance costs "
" The I am better than you economy
does not seem to be working now a days
as most of the rich are worst than the poor "
" In the land of joyful and plentiful
where enemies are better than  friends
ee should back down rather than back up "
" How does one make money from the rich
when they make their money acquiring your wealth "
" Friendships are like a Board of Directors
guiding your personality "
" The only thing ee could afford where words therefore
ee sold them in the marketplace by the letter
and was able to afford a bigger mouth "
 ‎" A letter a mile long has so many words in it
its worthy of all your time "
" Dominant wealth is free measured by the senses
as the vision of a flower or tree the embodiment of wealth
has far more value than the attainment of it "
" The world economy is based on
Hera's Laws of Jealousy and
Spartan Equality Theology "
" An ancient prophet of modern times
would save you in their bank account "
" The economy is based on self control of
the now then and when of personal attainment
within the boundaries of other than self in reference
to thrive and survive supply and demand availability
with a personal desire of want need and greed "
" Anasazi kivas equality is mankind's greatest wealth "
" Chanakya Arthashastra of Taxila "
" The one in charge is the one with credit "
" What you owe and don't own is a gift "
" I dream about sleeping "
" I have to get some rest before I sleep "
" She said I was a dream come true
because all the guys she knew
snored and tossed n turned in bed
as I sang and danced in dreamland "
" When it comes to making it now a days its all about the babies
and I have tons of girlfriends who I didn't make it with
who want me to play daddy due to my overwhelming
success of not making it with them "
" To find a woman you need to find out why "
" Which came first the why or the woman "
" If xX = XY  :  then x = Y "
" If it smells like  'B O Y'  its a boy "
" All is born of desire "
" Some evolve - Some dissolve "
" Some say yes some say no
as some watch the show
to know which way to go "
" We are all born warriors of survival
yet many have a more peaceful philosophy
in defending their finite way of life "
" Playing with the righteous or wrong people
the topic seems to change from pleasure to are you insane "
" In reference to the id ego super ego
After personal observation, it has come to my opinion
I am the only normal one, therefore I conceive conceit concede
treating all others the sane as me "
" Anger is a rival joy of self control
within a lesson learned of other "
" The greatest victory of great glory and pride
is excepting a rival as victor of the throne "
" As we know more earth beings exist that want than can do "
" There is an echo in our mind
of those that we find calling out to save us "
" Mental illness is a social train of thought "
" Your sanity is your personal train of thought "
" A superiority complex rules ones own mind "
" An inferiority complex is an opinion of others "
" Normal = Self + Other + Culture + Environment "
" The Law of human culture states :
One is sane if one is self sufficient
One is sane if one is no threat to self
One is sane if one is no threat to other
 and now as you being one of human culture must deal
with your survival sanity within the nature of planet earth
and the great law of behavior being self control = freedom "
" In reference to homage and friendship
one must consider a home of faithful companionship
in regards to superiority and inferiority complexes "
" In reference to madness and genius
some say we are born with one of them and
the other we acquire in the realm of its survival "
" Thoughts of emotional behavior may be good or bad
depending on the interaction of others thoughts
being good or bad for your thoughts "
" Who rules your mind, a bug, a disease, another being or you "
" Forth ee that blame all gone wrong on a master of deception
must first blame ee self for not being a master of perception "
" Life and death are one as we know now and then "
" Death is the rebirth of desire beyond now "
" Makes you wonder if you are dying
to be born here the way love evolves "
" Are ee dying to be born here from a greater world "
" Its the real thing just like Hollywood "
" The politics you choose is employment "
" The religion you choose is marriage "
" Goddess is of the one true God family "
" Who owns the soul of free will "
" The one true Hindu God is self realization
The one true Hebrew God is the union of souls
The one true Christian God is the almighty lord
The one true Islam God is the word of the prophet "

" The Bible to some is tribal Shemism and to others obedience "
" The Sun being one almighty God of earth
enlightens forth source and destiny of now
is greater than thee to perceive as one "
" God is the immortal source and destiny of mortal evolution "
"One God almighty source destiny greater than thee to perceive"
" Hydrogen being the first elemental immortal creation,
of an enduring environment of finite mortal species "
 " Within the faith of evolution and theology
one must perceive reality source and source destiny
as a regressive or progressive ape of god
dwindling in the heavens on earth "
‎" Seed of ancient times reborn in the mind of wisdom,
forth knowledge is the faith of one destiny "
" Child of future, child of past, which one is going to last "
‎" Forth ee that fly with wings of bugs
does not fly with wings of doves
forth the path of love fly bugs and doves "
" God incarnation seed messiah guide source destiny
forth I never said I was forth others told me this
as I as one never took to the pleasure of the time
or those that lived there then "
" Misconstrued reality duality deep dark underworld
loyal labarous friendships ego song of justification
accomplishments of the almighty oneness guiding light
of a better world within our peaceful self control of freedom "
" God given free will to bargain for freedom "
" Om will come thou will be done "
" Om one God freedom of life "
" The Omm and Moo which are you "
" Self Control = Freedom "
" The Great Law of Nature is Self Control "
" What greater Self Control than Sensual Celibacy "
" Inorganic water + organic carbon = self control glucose "
" The laws of mankind protect us as God guides us "
" Gods sins and humanities crimes
are the same as mans lust and woman's vanity "
" Government is the road to your home
Religion is the highway to heaven "
" God reigns tears of heaven on earth "
" Those that worship God worship an immortal afterlife "
" God created beings of humble evolutionary servitude "
" Thou balance of humanities exhilirations within the
Divine Universal Plan, forth God seeds grow within the
soul of the almighty Staff of Life for thee fertile sensual
spiritualism of earth's kingdom come thou will be done "
" Pray for enlightenment that thou prey be not thee "
" I light a candle in my window for all lost souls of storms,
forth I pray to the storm that preys upon me to save me "
" Do Re Mi Fa Sol La Ti Ra "
" Ka Ke An Tu Ki "
" Om Ra Ka Ke "
" Anu Amor Oolah Ki "
" To attain enlightenment one must in tune the language of it "
" Enlightenment is the ultra violet purity
of infra red negotiations "
" Life is a three dimensional negotiation of another dimension "
" Life is a three dimensional negotiation of the senses "
" The new native policy has no fault insurance "
" A peace treaty is as good as the next war treaty "
 " The new mid east peace treaty
has two options to choose from :
1) You live for the living
2) You live for the dead "
" In clarity, we being a peaceful earth human nation,
live for the living in not living as the dead,
forth the dead have already lived,
and taught us how to die "
" If you live on earth now your ancestors where natives "
" We are all tribal natives some closer to our roots "
" When one hears the beat of another tribal drum,
it sounds to be natures sign for migration or integration "
" An educated indian owns the reservation to graduation "
" Anasazi mesa verde kivas equality is the hopi pahana stone "
‎" Beautiful memoirs of today enlighten thou way "
" A subordinate clause is an elf "
" Deer that run together have fun together
in any type of weather "
 " Mankind is faster than a bug light "
" Earth takes care of itself like everyone else "
" Forth all that is known of earth is a whispering memoir
reborn of ocean waves washing golden sand ashore
to cleanse the soul of eternity "
" Evolution can progress or regress depending
on how advanced the ancient culture was "
" The evolution of a healthy civilized environmental society
depends on the honesty of known misbehavior learning
to correct these social misfortunes rather than regress
a personality to the poverty of rejection within the
supply and demand realm of a finite boundary "
" The evolution of being of earth's nature takes an easy neutral

path of least resistant negotiating quantum physic air water flow

from a high hot to a low cold within one's negotiations of a common

finite boundary of life being party of a dominant natural attainment

reacting to the flow of natures power to attain a neutral adapting

evolution of one's existence "
" Enlighten within a three dimensional world of higher dimensions

offers more resistant natural flowing interaction negotiations of

one's desire of a common finite boundary "
" A finite photon is eternal infinity "
" You can see the difference between day and night
yet does it sound and smell like the same planet "
" Its tree breeding season for anyone
who is a sweet sap for all ergy"
‎" In the duality of day light and the darkness of night,
 like the incarnation of a new born baby,
when success is to be made it goes on and on,
until everything gets what it can from it,
 or uses it for what it can use it for,

depending on how popular it is at the time "
" An ancient cavern fertile nest of birth
with valley mound of sacred bush
sexual sensual suckling milky mounts
exhilerations overpowering all time "
" True to the masculine nature from the
ancient gods mythological text in clarity
of earths springtime bumble bees and birds
of the divine destiny of mankind one as being
of earth inspires fertile virile nature in clarity
of knowledge that the directions are in the erections "

" I survive and trust to thrive and thrust
the sensual essence of your being "
" Love is only a word of how I feel about you "
" Clarity and sincerity is the nature of devotion "
" Forth thou love I have wept memoir to bathe thee as one "
" Which came first the seed or the woman "
" Man is a seed with seeds "
" Woman is a seedless seed "
" Man is a wonderful abundant seed "
" Woman is a wonderful oneness seed "
" The head of a seed is a head of the future "
" All thought is your thought as you think "
" The one true being is you as you know "

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' KA Psalm '

om e quiet gentle loving fortune hunter
forth thou hath found thee precious gem
an salt n sea e carry thee to golden kingdom shores
for thou commune all precious shares
form e deep dark forest peasant retreat
forth home to thou magic mystic kingdom throne
be earth a journey of love peace and pleasure
enlighten thou world with wealth forever


' Passion '

Is not desire within the soul we probe
forth within darkness thou shall be light
e flickering sensual candle of kindled lust
ay times sincere gentle smooth sensations
knowing thee of exhilaration inspirations
forth doth one life exist within such desire
as thou are made of two
ee man ~ ou woman


' Soul Mate '
We as man and woman are made of two that become one of our self as a man or woman. As a mortal human being we perceive all thru our six senses (see, hear, smell, taste, feel, psyche) and we react with all other as the five elements (earth, air, light, water, spirit). We are made of two, self and other and all that we perceive

is other in being one self.

Ones soul mate is all other of your conscious senses, as all other for example being a flower or the sun is of itself, yet ones senses perceive all other beings and existence through one conscious soul or other self. Your soul mate is your one being companion reacting the nature of all other as man earth to she and woman earth to he, being made of two devoutly serving each other as loves compassion of all other existence, one source and destiny of a species natural resource negotiations and playful spiritual inspirations of all other existence.

Some claim earthly enlightened prophets as Krishna, Abraham, Zoroaster, Buddha, Christ, Mohammed are of common conscious of the oneness of all beings that most call God, being the almighty oneness source and destiny that is all greater than thee to perceive in guiding one destiny being made of two to their source soul or oneness of being, whereby two as one nature will react with all other as they react with their soul mate consciousness or closest companion, as example secure, warm and cozy snuggled in bed devoutly caring for each other as caring for all other

that their senses perceive of earth.

Forth many of collective admiration of modern or ancient times in their perfection are known as idol role models who guide lost souls or deceive them perceiving all other like the sun as their self, not the sun as it be itself perceived through ones conscious devout servitude senses of ones soul mate other self. Being made of two one again as god father nature and goddess mother nature reacting with all other on earth as we know of earth through the perception of ones senses being one self with other among others perceiving God as the almighty oneness source and destiny always greater than thee to perceive as one soul made of two I receive from God the almighty power of earths healthy wealthy wisdom.
In reference to man XY & xX woman as self & other. Man is more other (left brain) of abundant resource seeds possessed of destiny and woman is more self (right brain) one seed source destiny, therefore women deal with men for other things and men deal with women rather
than dealing with everything else.

' Destiny '
 Many have asked me my way of destiny, being born of the seed of two as one embodiment to learn the ways of earth and my cultural species known as mankind. Many beings live among us in their way of birth, life and destiny that many other find in rival or nuisance of their common way and destiny. Many words I can use to explain my ways as all others try to know their ways within our three dimensional universe that most perceive as

one almighty creator source and destiny.

The almighty creation has many paths of ones destiny, within the free will of planet earth beings. Common knowledge is our species is mortal of a temporary life of learning, as myself in comparing the unknown immortal creations being everlasting to our now senses, made of known mortal and unknown immortal matter, as photon neutron electrons being party of one mortal self identity flowing within negotiations of other elemental behavior of

ones peaceful loving finite boundaries.

It is now known to mankind as common scientific knowledge that the known universe only contains five % percent of baryonic matter, as elements made of photon neutron electrons, which constitutes all stars, planets and living beings. Therefore ninety five % percent of the known universe that is expanding contains unknown matter and energy to the known mortal senses of mankind.
As the wild or domesticated animal grazes in the field of elemental incarnations with survival contentions under thunder rain, freezing snow, bowel filth and bugs rival breeding, in meditating of mankind serving the animal nature of powerful dominate desires like purified grains, clean water, purity of the filth of e-coli bowels and bugs breeding of their own species desirable ways of survival.

I am one of peaceful nature with these abundant variety of creatures, yet the wild nature of their being and behavior is of their own choosing to negotiate with others of earth and not to be a nuisance threat to my joyful well being of civilized healthy human culture. Thou I be of friendly kind human negotiable nature, I am not one of devout servitude in caring for other types of species in constant need of extreme discipline behavioral training and negotiation from nuisance and pathogen despair breeding in great numbers, attempting within earths deceptions to captivate the embodiment of other destinies as their resource of empowerment.
Born of two one again is my common ground of earth now, as those that read these words, I am man father earth of all that exist to one woman being my mother earth. My woman as I being her man rids the world of all other dominant servitude deceptions contaminating our devout intimate plans of destiny and security together. As the almighty divine plan of man father nature enthroned together as one with woman mother nature in intimacy. She be to my senses as I hers, bringing forth our flowing loving compassion of all other elemental existence among us together as one love. She secures and comforts me as I her, with healthy wealthy wisdom within the boundaries of our oneness now, then and when.

Being of the almighty universe family, this is party of the divine plan for my now being of human nature, made of two beings,

self and other as one soul.
Many woman I have known as girls, forth I have not known a woman yet of earth to serve me and only me before all other existence and there forth if this woman of our common destiny exist to serve me of my choosing to serve her, then let her

come forth and claim her throne.
Many have asked me of my destiny beyond this earth, forth that is of my own spiritual elemental choosing and only those I have chosen shall know the path of my almighty higher self among this universe of many dimensions. As now I am of this three dimensional world of earth of my own joyful choosing, to bring forth its wealthy healthy well being among our almighty peaceful

divine universe plan of destiny

This is a collection of inspirational philosophical quotes of Mick Moogie, collected over a lifetime of thought, meditation, inspiration and exhilaration and written in verse in Sept., 2011

for a more clarified understanding.
Mick Moogie's quotes are the quotes of all life, to be used as one see fits for personal well being. A pictorial book of quotes is currently in process. ' 30% percent of all proceeds from book revenue and website donations go to orphans and wildlife that they may find a peaceful sanctuary of common companionship within the finite boundaries of earth. All other proceeds go to our nations freedom support and the website along with personal substance that we may attain a more peaceful
healthy wealthy environmental society '  

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